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Whole Green Peas
Chick Peas

Chick peas are our core product in pulses; these chickpeas come in kabuli and desi varieties. It may be used in salad and to cook various dishes. It is a good source of zinc and protein. They are also very high in dietary fiber. The company exports all grades & Pulses are usually eaten for their high protein content. A typical nutritional breakdown is that for haricot beans which are used to make baked beans, contain, per 100g dried beans: 21.4g protein, 1.6g fat, 45.5g carbohydrate, 25.4g fibre, 6.7mg iron and 180mg calcium.


  Varieties :

- Chick Peas
- Regular Lentils
- Green Split Peas

- Kidney Beans
- Whole Green Peas
- Red Split Lentils

- Black Beans
- Yellow Split Peas
- UridGota

- Small Whole Green Peas
- Whole Yellow Peas
- Small Whole Yellow Peas


This is mostly grown in Central India ie. Madhya Pradesh, Northern Maharashtra. The major exporter countries of chickpea are: Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Syria, United States The top three exporting countries i.e. Turkey, Australia and Mexico have a combine share of over 75% of the world total exports of chickpeas.

Typical Specification for Chick Peas (HS CODE: 07132000)

- Counts: 75-80/7mm; , 58-60/8mm; , 44-66/10mm; , 42-44/11mm; , 40-42/12 mm; , 38-40/14mm
- Moisture: 11% max
- Admixture: 1% max
- Broken Kernels: 2% max
- Damaged Kernels: 2% max
- Discolored kernels: 2% max
- Weevilled: 0.2% max
- Undersize: 10%

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